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Blue Hibou 'Pick Your Timeline' Slot Draw

OPENING FRIDAY FEBRUARY 24th at 6AM EST. (Will remain open for 12 hours.) 

The Details:

$50 Deposit to hold the slot, the remaining $800 due within 48 hours of claiming, invoiced separately.

Entry is available to anyone not on the current wait list. Please be considerate, one entry per household.

Construction of your custom carrier will begin within a week of your wrap's arrival at BH HQ.

The winner will be placed on Jo's 'In-Progress' list, and the process will begin immediately! This is a conversion slot on YOUR timeline, for when your wrap is available for shipping. Jo respectfully requests communication about the timing, but the rest is up to you!

Turn around time for your conversion is 3-4 weeks from the time your wrap arrives.

The custom conversion slot includes:
* Conversion of ONE sent in (customer owned) wrap into ONE carrier (Buckle carrier including ring waist, Reverse Onbuhimo, or Bei Dai/Meh Dai)
* Any options for body panel, hood, shoulder straps, and waistband, within the confines of the sent in wrap length, including embroidery, other embellishments and accessories.

The listing does not include:
* The wrap
* Shipping and insurance charges
* Any duty or customs fees for international customers

Details on what is offered and required for your custom conversion is located here:

Terms and Conditions can be found here:

Payable in Canadian Dollars. Please check your country's CURRENCY CONVERSION.

And finally, you can ENTER HERE!