Blue Hibou Custom Conversion Slot

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Blue Hibou Custom Conversion Slot

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Welcome to the new way to obtain a Blue Hibou Custom Conversion Slot.

When you purchase this slot, you are making a non-refundable deposit, which will be credited to your final invoice once your custom carrier is completed.

Please pay attention to the month of the slot, indicated above.


  • When you purchase this slot, you will recieve an email with some basic info, links you should familiarize yourself with, and the address to send your wrap in to.

  • Once your wrap arrives, you will recieve a ‘Your Wrap Is Here and Your Slots is Coming Up Soon’ email with a link to the Custom Conversion Forms.

  • When your slot month comes up, Jo will begin creating your carrier in the order the Custom Conversion Forms were filled out.

  • Watch for an email within 3-4 weeks for photos of your completed Blue Hibou Carrier.

  • Your completed Blue Hibou Carrier will be shipped to you once the final invoice is paid.

That’s the basics of how it works!

Please check out the Getting Ready For Your Custom Experience page for information on wrap requirements, types of carriers available, options, sizing, etc.