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Blue Hibou 4th Anniversary Celebration!!!

Want to read a true story before we head into tomorrow's Anniversary Schedule? <3

The Blue Hibou Story, and How it Came to Life:

When I began Blue Hibou back in 2012, I had quite a different idea of what my little 'hobby' would become. I was sewing custom cloth diapers, one-by-one, in the basement of our home in Kenora, while pregnancy insomnia, 'morning' sickness, and restless leg syndrome had me up at all hours of the night. As a self employed person, I was looking for a way to keep me at home with my baby just a bit longer, before heading back to work as a massage therapist. But as life does, there were very different plans in store for Blue Hibou and I. I made my first baby carrier in February 2013. Just a few weeks before baby J was born. With custom diaper orders keeping me busy, I managed to eke out my first carrier, intended for my little guy once he was born (funny story: it was much, much too big and a major pattern adjustment was made!). The first wrap conversion (Storchenwiege Leo) happened shortly after my son's birth, probably in April, although my thoughts on timelines around then are blurred by night feedings and family visits. My first official wrap conversion customer was a local mama with Didymos Fishes. I was so scared to cut into that wrap!!!

I'm going to back up a bit right here, because there are a few things that were very pivotal in how Blue Hibou became a full time decision for me. So pull up a chair, this is a long one. ;) A year before we found out I was pregnant, after months of dealing with what I thought was just a persistent kink in my upper back, I was diagnosed with three herniated discs in my neck, from a long, long ago horseback riding fall as a teenager (more like dozens of falls ;) ). It was quite the personal blow for me, I was an avid weight lifter and runner up to that point, and had to make some serious decisions about my passion for weight lifting. So now I run exclusively, my days of picking up a bar are behind me. I was told by a chiropractor and an MD that my massage therapy days were also numbered. At the time, I put that into the back of my mind and kept working. I continued to work full time as an RMT until I was 36 weeks pregnant. 

From that point, life snowballed. My husband's job transferred us back to my hometown, and I began working outside the home a couple days a week in my 'regular' career job as an RMT, and sewed while my son was sleeping. My neck issue continued to creep along as well, until I had to make a decision again there too. That's when I made the jump to pursue permanence for Blue Hibou Carriers. I put my massage license on hold and jumped in with both feet. That was the winter of 2015. And now here we are, with a nearly full time job for me, making carriers out of all your beautiful wraps!

Over the past four years I've made so many friends, met so many unique and beautiful people through Blue Hibou and babywearing in general. Customers that have become friends that I 'talk' to every day. Others of you that I can't wait to get to know better. And more I have yet to meet. We all share a special kinship: the desire to hold our babies close. You all provide me with so much joy and exuberance in my daily life, I can't express how fortunate I am to be able to take something I've always loved doing as a hobby, and make a career out of it. I sincerely hope that you all continue with me along this journey, because I'd love to have you along and I know there are many, many more adventures to come!

So, without further ado, I'm sure you're all just on the edge of you seat wanting to know the schedule for tomorrow!

Monday's post schedule:

12:00pm EST Blue Hibou/Mad Hatter Wish carrier, $1082 USD, plus shipping and insurance.

2:00pm EST Blue Hibou Semi Custom Slot with Chicibeanz Date Night, 3m piece. $1185 CAD, plus shipping and insurance.

4:00pm EST Blue Hibou surprise listing!!!

6:00pm EST Blue Hibou/Mad Hatter Twinkle Twinkle carrier, $1172 USD, plus shipping and insurance.

Interspersed throughout the day: Lovelee Heart Studio jewelry and kechains, made with handwoven wrap brands Jo has worked with throughout the last 4 years. <3