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Blue Hibou Wait List Slot Draw!


A deposit of $50 CAD gets your name on the Wait List for a guaranteed slot for a custom wrap conversion carrier. It is not the purchase of an actual conversion or a designated slot, it is a nonrefundable deposit to be added to the wait list to be contacted when slots become available. When your name reaches the top of the wait list, you will receive an email with the conversion slot offer, including the timing for the slot, when your wrap needs to be at BH HQ, etc. This email will be sent approximately 4-6 weeks ahead.

*** November's draw will be for slots in March 2019. *** 

How the Blue Hibou Wait List Slots work:

  • As Jo works through the wait list, you will be emailed ONCE to let you know your position is coming up.

  • When you receive your “Good News from Blue Hibou!” email, you will have 3 days to reply to the email. If you pass on your slot (i.e. no response to the email, or you reply to decline the slot), you forfeit your $50 deposit.

  • Wait list spots are not transferable. One slot ‘Swap’ is allowed, either with another person on the wait list, or by bumping yourself down the list by a maximum of two months. If you’ve ‘Swapped’ or bumped your slot once already, it must be used or forfeited the next time it comes up.

  • Absolutely no ‘selling’ or giving away of your spot on the wait list. If this is discovered, the wait list slot will be withdrawn, you will lose your deposit, and both people (the slot holder and the receiver of the slot) will be banned from any further custom slot with Blue Hibou.

  • One slot = one carrier.

  • One slot per household rule. If you’ve already got a slot on the current wait list, a second slot will not be available to you until after you’ve used your current one. Using your current slot means your conversion is completed and ready to ship. Once you’ve used up a wait list slot, you’re free to add yourself to the Wait List Slot draws again. (This does not apply to any last minute slot draws, collaborations, 'Pick Your Timeline' slots, or other queue jumping slots.)

  • Please check the Getting Ready for your Custom Experience page before adding yourself to the wait list. (Prices and options are subject to change without notice.)

  • Once your wrap has arrived at BH HQ, turnaround time is usually within 3-4 weeks. (If you ship your wrap earlier than your projected slot date, as indicated in the “Good News from Blue Hibou!” email, this may differ.)

  • A document in the Blue Hibou Chatter group is available to see approximately where you are on the wait list. This document is updated on a monthly basis.

Blue Hibou now ships worldwide! We are fully compliant with CPSIA and ASTM F2236 (for US sales of Signature Buckle Carriers and Rerverse Onbuhimos only) and with all mandatory and voluntary Health Canada regulations for all Blue Hibou Carriers.

The $50 CAD deposit will be required within 24 hours of the draw closing. Non-paying entries will be removed and another name will be drawn in your place. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THE DEPOSIT.


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