Blue Hibou Signature Meh Dai

Blue Hibou Signature Meh Dai Carriers are created with the ultimate comfort in mind for both caregiver and baby. Each one is made with the uniquely styled Blue Hibou Panel, slightly contoured for air to flow between bodies, helping to keep everyone as cool as possible. Seat darts and generous Leg-Out Padding are included on each carrier to amplify comfort for your passenger. 

“Good to Grow’ Adjustable Panel

“Good to Grow’ Adjustable Panel

Panel Sizing 

Panel Size: Available in the standard non-adjustable sized panels and two 'Good to Grow' Adjustable Panel sizes. 

  • 15"high  x 15" wide

  • 15"high  x 16" wide

  • 16"high  x 16" wide

  • 16"high  x 17" wide

  • 17"high  x 17" wide

  • 17"high  x 18" wide

  • 18"high  x 18" wide

  • 18"high  x 19" wide

  • 19"high  x 19" wide

  • 19" high x 20" wide

The ‘Good to Grow’ Adjustable Body Panel: The GTG panel makes it possible to adjust the panel as much as 10 cm in height. This is accomplished by a draw tie along the edge of each side of the panel. The size options below indicate the smallest to largest adjustment possible in ever increasing adjustment while your baby grows! The width of the panel remains the same, however your baby will rest in a narrower area of the panel at the smallest setting and the widest area of the panel at the longest setting. The wrap straps themselves also add to supportiveness from knee to knee as your baby's base width gets wider. 

  • Baby to Toddler Good to Grow Panel For 15-55 lbs, infant to about 3+ years.

  • Toddler to Preschool Good to Grow Panel 25 to 55 lbs, 18 months/2T to about 4+ years.

Eagle Style Shoulder Strap Padding

Eagle Style Shoulder Strap Padding

Eagle Style Shoulder Straps

3 to 3.5" lightly padded panel sewn onto the width of the wrap, the 1/2 wrap width is pleated. This allows for padding as well as the full 1/2 wrap width available to spread over your shoulders.

Albatross Style Shoulder Straps

3 to 3.5" lightly padded within the width of the wrap, remainder of the pleated. This option has a bit of both worlds: padding for extra cush and minimal bulk of wrap to spread. For those who enjoy a thinner style of wrap strap shoulder.

Albatross Style Shoulder Straps

Albatross Style Shoulder Straps

No Padding

The 1/2 wrap width is pleated and sewn into the panel. This allows for full spread of the 1/2 wrap width without any padding. For those who prefer less bulk or for wraps with a lot of cush already.


Mei Dai waistbands are available in the same padding options as the other Blue Hibou Signature Carriers:

  • Hybrid Padding

  • Fusion Padding

In addition, there is an option for a ‘Lightly Padded’ Waistband.

All Blue Hibou Waistband styles allow for embelishment of quilting or embroidery.

Buckle Waistband (Available as single or dual adjust (single is pictured here)

Buckle Waistband (Available as single or dual adjust (single is pictured here)

Buckle Waistband

Two options are available for a buckle waistband: Single Adjust or Dual Adjust.

More info about the Buckle Waistbands can be found here:

Blue Hibou Signature Buckle Carrier

Ring Waistband

Ring Waistband

Ring Waistband

More info about the Ring Waistband can be found here:

Signature Ring Waistband