Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a custom slot with Blue Hibou? Wait list slots are made available the second Saturday of every month, right here on this website. Check the Events section for the next offering date. The occasional V.I.P. slot is also offered up in the Blue Hibou Chatter Group, so don't forget to join us there! Also, I often work with handweavers on collaborations, either as Ready To Sell (RTS) carriers or as Semi-Custom Slots. Those are also announced on the Blue Hibou Facebook Page and/or in the chatter group. 

How do I wash my Blue Hibou carrier? Hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry. Well supported on a drying rack is ideal!

What is the weight range on Blue Hibou carriers? All Blue Hibou types of carriers have been laboratory tested for use from 15 to 55 lbs. Most people find kiddos weighing over 40 lbs to be quite the burden though! ;)

Can I get special customization on my carrier? Yes! But, within limits (of course!). I appreciate you, the customer becoming involved in the creative process to make a carrier uniquely yours. I will not alter the core design elements of my carriers and reserve the right to refuse customization requests that will not measure up to the high standards of Blue Hibou carriers. Also, as an artist and designer, I highly respect the core design elements of other brands of carriers that make them uniquely theirs. In light of this, please don't ask your Blue Hibou carrier to be made 'like so-and-so company's' design. 

What happens with any scraps of wrap left over from my conversion? All left over scraps larger than 2" will be sent back to you with the finished product.

Are Blue Hibou Carriers safe? Blue Hibou uses the highest quality materials, tested to adhere to safety requirements for regulations in Canada and the USA. Blue Hibou is a proud business member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance. For more information, you can check them out here:

How should I pack my wrap to ship to Blue Hibou HQ? When shipping a wrap/carrier to me, please make sure it is well packaged and preferably insured. Please consult with your postal office as to the best option for you with tracking and insurance.

I have another question! Where can I ask it? Email and I will answer it for you!

The information contained within Blue Hibou's web pages is subject to change without notice. All photographs are the property of Blue Hibou. If you wish to use the photos, please ask permission to do so or use the 'Share' button on Facebook to ensure credit back to Blue Hibou.