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About Jo & Blue Hibou

Jo's babywearing story began late in life: at 39 years old with a second husband, two big dogs, and a long awaited pregnancy. She knew long before their son was born that babywearing was going to be a part of bonding with baby J. Their first snuggles in a woven wrap were at 8 days old!

Blue Hibou started just 3 months into Jo's pregnancy. She researched various baby carriers, Jo decided she landed on the Mei Tai and decided she could 'make her own!'. This first carrier was shared online with 'local' (she and her husband lived in a very northern area, so local was within 200kms!) expectant and new moms, and the requests for making them starter rolling in. Jo was also making cloth diapers at the time, which she though would be the mainstay of Blue Hibou. However the requests for wrap conversion began out numbering the diapers, so her focus changed. 

As Jo's needs changed and baby J grew, she began experimenting with different styles of carriers. From the original Mei Tai, to a buckle carrier, then on to a reverse onbuhimo. Patterns were developed, modified and then tweaked to land on the most comfortable carrier possible. From this process, three Signature Carriers emerged. While Jo still has patterns and specifications available for other styles, these three core carriers remain the most popular and desired carriers in the Blue Hibou line. 

Blue Hibou's growth and development is fueled by her beloved customers. Jo specializes in working with handwoven fabrics, sewing each carrier herself, one at a time in her sewing studio. In addition to handwovens, machine woven fabrics also land on her cutting table, receiving the same exceptional care. The highest possible quality of fabrics, threads, buckles, rings, and padding is used in all Blue Hibou carriers. You can expect a personalized experience with each custom carrier. A conversation with Jo, and individual attention to your wrap and the specifications you desire for your baby carrier. 


Mon – Thurs 9a – 3:30p, Fri 9a - 1p EST

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T: +1 705 542 8906

Blue Hibou would love to hear from you!

For information on Blue Hibou carriers, custom slots, auctions or draws, please feel free to email Jo at the address listed above. Contact via Facebook Page PM is also an option.

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